Spa bliss for body, mind and soul… allow yourself to be pampered.

Keeping yourself in good health – a task that can also be a pleasure!

Guests looking for rest and relaxation will find everything they could possibly need in our new spa facility, with its Finnish panoramic sauna, salt steam sauna, infrared pine cabin, relaxation rooms (one bright and one specially dimmed), juice bar and direct access to the garden with a Kneipp fountain and sun loungers on the lawn. At the centre of the spa facility is the spacious tea lounge where you can look forward to your forthcoming massage or personal spa treatment in calm surroundings. The perfect place to take time out and enjoy wonderful health benefits!


The body is massaged, relaxed and invigorated as a whole. Muscle irritation and fatigue are alleviated in order to increase one’s overall feeling of well-being.

Full body massage (50 Min) €62

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A targeted treatment to ease muscle tension in the neck and back as well as aiding muscle tissue recovery.

Back massage (25 Min) €35

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Massaging of the individual reflex zones in your feet stimulates the flow of bodily energy and alleviates muscle strain. This relaxes both the body and soul, and thus has a healing effect on the whole system. 

Foot reflex zone massage (25 Min) €35

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Relax and loosen up after sport.

Sport massage (25 Min) €35

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Johannes Salchenegger method
A deep massage which induces stronger tissue blood flow and stimulates the reduction of lactic acid build-up in the muscles. Range of motion and circulation are im-proved.

Intensive back and glass cupping massage (50 Min) €62

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A Breuss massage involves St John’s wort oil being massaged into the vertebrae of the spinal column with special effleurage and friction techniques.

This encourages the regeneration of intervertebral discs and relaxes the muscles around the spine. The Dorn method is a gentle technique for correcting the spine or any joints that are out of position.

Dorn-Breuss massage €67

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Local herbs heated in the steam sauna impart their fragrance and power. Depending on the particular combination of herbs, the massage has either a revitalizing and refreshing or a calming and relaxing effect. Indulge in a therapeutic massage in an environment of pleasure, relaxation and harmony.

  • Nourishing and reinvigorating herbal blend:
    • wolf’s bane, comfrey, lady’s mantle, lemon balm, camomile blossom, lavender blos-som, marigold,
      hay blossoms, St. John’s wort, camomile blossom, lavender blossom, rose blossom, sweet-scented bedstraw
  • Soothing herbal blend for muscle spasms:
    • hay blossoms, camomile blossom, lemon balm, sage, wolf’s bane, lavender blossom
  • Purge and lift herbal blend:
    • stinging nettle, hay blossoms, peppermint, sage, comfrey, verbena
  • Anti-inflammatory and healing herbal blend:
    • hay blossoms, elderflower, St. John’s wort, rose blossom, sage, cranesbill

Herbal stamp massage (50 Min) €72

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Carefully selected stones are placed on specific energy centres (chakras) of the body. The hot stones relieve muscle tension, combat back pain and stimulate the entire autonomic nervous system. The hot stone massage is a holistic and energetic massage. Experience a feeling of contentment and inner equilibrium.

Hot stone full body massage (60 Min) €74
Hot stone full body massage with face (70 Min) €84

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“Ease the burdens that weigh upon you."

Lomi Lomi is more than a massage – it is infinitely gentle and yet vigorous like the ocean’s waves. It touches both body and soul in an unforgettable experience.

Lomi Lomi 'Oluea (55 Min) €67

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Massage appointments:

Tuesday, Thursday und Friday from 3pm to 7pm.

Simply book your massage at reception!

We only use natural, organic plant oils of the highest quality, which soothe body and mind.

I look forward to meeting you!

Karoline Bischof
Masseuse and Spa Therapist

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