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The Hubertus is
a family business

Family Simma, Hotel Hubertus

You can feel, as soon as you enter Hotel Hubertus for the first time, that there is a family putting their passion into the establishment.

Nothing is chosen by accident here, and all the details – whether that is the carefully selected decorations or the lovingly prepared meals for dinner – reflect their enthusiasm as hosts. You notice you can really feel comfortable as a guest here. That is ensured by Margit and Hubert Simma together with their team, who have been going about their work at the Hubertus for many years.

Margit und Hubert Simma, Hotel Hubertus Margit und Hubert Simma, Hotel Hubertus

A well-formed team: Hubert & Margit

Hubert grew up in the hotel, and he took over the Hubertus from his parents around 20 years ago, putting his individual stamp on it since. His favourite spot in the hotel? The kitchen. Amid the smells and the simmering water, Hubert cooks to put a smile on the face of the guests. In the meantime, Margit ensures spirits are good in the hotel, welcomes newcomers at reception, and keeps track of everything - from the wellness area to the top floor.